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Every electronic appliance that we buy for our house is bought with a utilitarian purpose. Be it a toaster, a fan, a food processor, you expect some utility out of it. The same goes for an air conditioner. You buy it for so many bucks to make your house cool. It should cool well in order to get the temperatures down to comfortable levels.When your AC does not cool it becomes a reason for grave concern. It not only makes you utterly uncomfortable in summer months, but also makes you sad about the investment you made for buying it. There can be an array of reasons for not cooling AC. It is useful to know them to find a solution for each. Replacement is not necessarily the solution for all problems.

Direct exposure to sunlight

A common complaint that is made by people living in temperate regions is that their AC is cooling enough. They often say that the compressor is not working. The reason could be quite simple. During installation neither the owner, nor the installer realized that the outdoor unit is glaceing a zone which gets direct exposure to sunlight. Every AC unit has an optimum operating temperature (ambient or surrounding temperature) at which they can work most effectively. If the surrounding temperature rises beyond the optimal level its efficiency goes down. Unless the hot exposure is guarded before long the compressor can stop working completely. Moreover the machine’s efficiency will go down and it will work hard to produce cooling.This will lead to high power bills.

Mark, the job of an AC unit is to absorb the hot air from your room and cool it. The heat that is generated in the process is vented out into the surrounding.But if the surrounding becomes so hot then machine is unable to do its work properly. Therefore when installing your AC you should ensure that the place where it is being kept does not face the sun directly.

Undersized unit

People often have a budget when they've AC. But it is a very wrong way to begin shopping for a cooling unit.The capacity of the AC should be based on the dimensions of your rooms and not your budget. For instance,if you are on a shoestring budget, you will usually buy a small unit. But small unit will not be able to cool bi grooms. Added to this is the temperature range in summer which varies from place to place. If you stay in a place which becomes very hot in summer you will need a bigger unit to cools smaller place. Therefore know the dimensions of your rooms and climate type of your region and base your choice for an air conditioning model on them.

Aging AC

Age is one factor that spares none. Be it humans, be it other animal species or electrical appliances. With age you AC’s efficiency for cooling will go down.This is also called ed-rating of an AC. According to AS HRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) the efficiency of an air conditioner goes down by 7% in the first year, 5% in the second year, 2% every year in the following years. Although today super-efficient models are being made that have a reduced de-rating rate. But this rate of wear and tear could not be completely eliminated by any manufacturer.

Technical Faults

Besides these there can be some technical faults which can led to lesser cooling. Before you do anything always check if there is power to your AC. Check the plug and the socket to which it is connected to confirm this. Next take a look at the thermostat. If it is set too high then the AC will not cool. Set it 3 to 5degrees below the room temperature to put the unit in cooling mode. Also make sure that the fan setting is set to “auto” not “on”, which will cause your AC to blow air even if it’s not being cooled.Sometimes a thermostat is kept in such a place that it gets guarded by other furniture and is not able to sample room air. A thermostat not calibrated property will not function. Do not keep thermostat near heat-generating appliances like TV, lamps or on the exterior walls or near windows and doors. Next check the filters. If the filters are clogged with dirt and have not been changed for long then the airflow through them will slim down.

If none of these are the case, then you should check the outdoor unit. It could be laden with dirt, dust or grass. There could be a big twig or bush smothering it. Clean the dirt and trim the plants surrounding it to give it ample air for breathing.

Now check if the outdoor fan is working. If it networking then its motor has failed. The belt of the fan could also have thinned down and need replacement. The outdoor unit could also stop working because of low refrigerant level. This may be caused due to refrigerant leaks.

Check all the switches on the AC - those by the compressor in the outdoor unit and in the air handler. Check if there is blown fuses or tripped circuit breaker. If any switches are OFF then there is problem with your AC. For instance, the water sensor switch will only shut off if the condensate drain is clogged and water is spilling into an overflow pan.

Your AC could also be overheating which causes it to draw more electricity than can be managed by the circuit breaker. As a result the breaker cuts power to your AC.

If you AC is not cooling the reason could lie in any these:

1. Dirty cooling coils
2. Refrigerant leak
3. Blocked condenser unit
4. Dirty air filter
5. Compressor problems
6. Old system
7. Improper thermostat settings

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