Duct Work Repair

Just read and contemplate the situation given below.

Claudia Chandler, a staff of California Energy Commission had a bathroom in her house which was uncomfortable throughout year in spite of the HVAC in place. It was too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Consequently, Claudia gave a service call to HVAC service contractors to install a heater outlet in the bathroom. The technician discovered that the bathroom did have a duct work but it went across the ground, open and unconnected at the end where there should have been a vent. It was found that the contractor who installed the central air conditioner simply forgot to cut the hole and install the bathroom vent. The contractor now attached the open duct with a properly working vent. It worked out a miracle for Claudia. Not only her bathroom was comfortable, her summer electricity bill dropped by $15 a month.

The incident stated above is enough to understand the importance of perfectly insulated, properly-sized, and highly functional duct work. It not only makes your living space comfortable by ensuring maximum airflow but also reduce energy costs.

Why duct work repair is important?

Firstly, a properly sealed duct work will ensure that a good amount of air with optimum pressure that flows out of the cooling or heating unit and reaches your rooms. A little drop in this air pressure will begin to plunge your comfort level. These leaks in ducts should be mended immediately to make you comfortable at home or work.

Leaky ducts will increase the energy cost for running your HVAC. When a good amount of air will be lost to the surrounding through holes in ducts then the cooling level of the device will go sown. As a result it will work hard and consume more energy to give you the desired comfort. This additional strain will cause a greater wear. It will begin generating repair calls soon and will possibly need an early replacement.

Unimpaired leaks in the ducts also are unable to prevent aerial contaminants from reaching your rooms. Lot of contaminants such as dust, dirt, construction debris, and other particles make the ducts their home. These block proper passage of air. This will again make the device to overwork. The dust and debris can also get inside the cabinet of the system and cause a variety of damages. Clogging and destroying the motor is very common in these.

Besides, duct repairs, ducts also need cleaning from time to time. Ducts can get laden with dirt, debris, mites, flec, pet dander and other contaminants. If there is moisture leakage then these factors together cam breed microbial beings in the duct. These contaminants can reach your rooms and cause air pollution. It can lead to respiratory problems sometimes. Therefore ducts should be cleaned professionally once or twice in two to five years.

There are duct cleaning service providers who need to be called to get your ducts cleaned. Always contact a couple of these service providers to select one with long experience and right price. Duct repairs include a variety of jobs like sealing holes with mastic, or time-consuming projects like replacing broken sections of a ventilation system. Duct cleaning is done with variety of tools. Sometime they recommend spraying chemical to remove molds. But you should research a little before allowing such application. Using chemical in the duct can lead to health hazards.

Many homeowners try repairing and cleaning their ducts themselves. In such cases do not use duct tape, as it cannot bear extreme temperature. Always check that the joints at vents and registers are well-sealed. The places where the ducts come in touch with the floors, walls, and ceiling are most prone to leakage and disjoints. You can clean and repair ducts yourself. But always take professional help from time to time.

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