How A Geothermal Heat Pump Installation Is Priced?

‘Reduction of carbon footprint’ and ‘harnessing renewable sources of energy’ are the two tenets that rule modern life. It is being observed in all sectors of human activity. Apple claims that its products are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. They source lower-carbon materials to make their devices.They are partnering with suppliers to add clean energy to their facilities. They power their offices, retail stores around the word with renewable sources of energy. They are also adjusting their recycling practices and rethinking their shipping strategies. The same can be said for auto giants who are into researches to make vehicles powered by green fuels. Consequently, today’s homeowners are much too conscious about their energy usage. They want to use energy efficient devices that will emit the least into the environment. It has been found that the grounds outsource at pumps have earned lots of popularity in recent times in the United States. These heating and cooling solutions use earth’s heat to make the rooms of the houses warm. They can work for all climates. The only stumbling block in procuring them is their exorbitant prices. But the benefits they offer are numerous and often overshadow the cost. They help to cut down your energy cost by 70%. They have a payback period of 2 to 3 years. The equipment isn't much expensive, it’s the underground portion known as the loop-field which adds to upfront cost. Remember a geothermal heat pump broadly has two parts – the HVAC which stays inside the house and the loop field which goes underground to tap the earth’s heat. The cost of the heat pump is a subtotal of the prices of the indoor unit, loops, and installation charges. In some houses where duct work needs to be repaired or laid from scratch, the cost might go up a bit. Here are the factors that contribute to the cost of a heat pump.

How big is the house?

Like all other HVAC units, the size of the heat pump unit would also vary with the size of the house. A house with 3000 sq. feet of area cannot require the same-sized cooling unit as 7000 sq. feet auditorium. Besides the size, the other things that would also surface are the level of insulation and climatic conditions. A well-insulated or airtight house will need a moderately sized heat pump. People living in extremely colder regions will need heat pumps that offer more BTUs. The more the requirement of the heat, the bigger would be the size of the pump. Bigger units will be pricier than their smaller counter- parts.

How long is the loop field?

Just as we discussed, that the price of indoor unit is based on the size of the house, climatic condition, insulation level etc., the outdoor unit which is mainly the loop field, its size is based on the size of equipment, soil type and climate conditions. To clarify, the loop field is the series of piping that is placed underground. The larger the heats pump, the larger will be the loop field. It is the size of the loop that mainly contributes to the price of a geothermal heat pump. The larger the pipes, the more drilling will be required to insert them in the ground.

 Soli type is also an important factor. If the soil is dense and most with clay-like texture it can hold more heat. Sandy soils absorb far less heat. In case of the latter deeper holes are drilled to extract heat from underneath. The contractor would recommend installing vertical design for sandy soils. More drilling would mean more cost. However, these would need the minimum yard space. In case soil is most, horizontal loops are effective. They require shallow trenches in which loops are laid horizontally. But they occupy a lot of space in the yard.

Are the ducts of house in good shape?

In most cases an existing duct work needs little to no adjustments to be suitable for geothermal heating and cooling. If it is in very bad shape then its repair will amount to some cost. If you don't have an existing duct work, then you'll incur the full expenditure of installing it



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