How To Make Your Heating And Cooling System More Efficient?

Heating and cooling the house to make it comfortable in extreme weather is one of the major expenses of every household.According to the Department of Energy, on an average a very moderate homeowner expends half of their energy bill on their heating and cooling needs. It comes to around $875 a year. It is true that it is impossible to eliminate the cost, as you will need an air conditioner and furnace to survive cold and heat in winters and summers respectively. But of course there are ways to bring down the cost-

Buy an efficient unit

The efficiency of an air conditioner decreases with age. As it becomes feeble, it will take longer and work harder to cool the house. This eats up more of energy. Therefore it is better to replace an old and aging unit with new one. According to Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Hogan says “Residents should strongly consider replacing a central air more than a dozen years old. Switching it out for one that carries an ENERGY STAR® rating could pare your cooling costs by roughly 30 percent.” A new unit will be integrated with new technologies that will make it more efficient. It will be-costly investment, but the cost will be soon offset with energy savings.

Have a maintenance plan for your air conditioner

This is very important to ensure that your machine is running its peak efficiency. Technician would visit your house to clean the machine, check the parts, and make necessary adjustments, and also repair small faults. This will prevent costly repairs in future.At your end you should be cleaning and changing air filters at regular intervals. This can drastically improve the performance of your air conditioner.
Besides this you should:

• Keep your attic and crawlspaces insulated
• Improves the insulation of your house by using weather stripping materials.
• Seal your duct work to prevent leakage of conditioned air
• Set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit
• Use a ceiling fan in the livings space. A fan can decrease the temperature by 4 degrees. It pushes the cool air down in the room.

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