How To Size The Air Conditioner Of Your Room?

Selecting the right air conditioner for your room will help you in saving. It is necessary to identify the size and the capacity of the air conditioner you need. If the conditioner is too small it will not cool the home properly.

If the air conditioner is too small it will consume more electricity and cool the room too quickly without removing the humidity properly.


To find out the correct size of the air conditioner for your room following steps are to be followed.

 1. Calculate the square foot area of the room

Find out the area of the room which is to be cooled. To find the area of a square or a rectangular room multiply length by width (length x width).

If room is in any other shape divide it into parts made up of squares and triangles. Sum up all these parts to get the total area.

Formula to measure area:

For Square & Rectangle= length x width

For triangle = 0.5 x length x width

2. Determine cooling capacity

Area (in Square Feet) Capacity (in BTUs/h)
100 to 150 5,000
150 to 250 6,000
250 to 300 7,000
300 to 350 8,000
350 to 400 9,000
400 to 450 10,000
450 to 550 12,000
550 to 700 14,000
700 to 1000 18,000
1000 to 1200 21,000

cooling capacity you will need based on the area of your room from the given chart. Area is measure in British thermal units per hour (BTU/h).

 some adjustments are to be made as follows:

• If the room is heavily shaded, reduce capacity by 10 percent.
• If the room is very sunny, increase capacity by 10 percent.
• If more than two people sit in the room, add 600 BTUs for each additional person.
• If the AC is to be placed in a kitchen, increase capacity by 4,000 BTUs.




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