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The HVAC system is one of the most elaborate and expensive mechanical system in a house. You cannot risk it falling in the hands of a wrong technician or consultant for maintenance or repair. You have to ensure before hiring a HVAC consultant that he is experienced nnd knowledgeable.

Here are some tips to size up the consultant before hiring him:

Always ask if he has a license: Many states in the US offer license to air conditioner (AC) contractors so that they are able to do their job securely. The contractors have a state and national license. If the consultant has a license then he is likely to be a part of reputed associations such as the ACCT (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)also, find out about the license and insurance requirements for contractors in your state. And ask him accordingly. A contractor must have liability insurance to protect you in case he accidentally damages your system during a repair.

Ask for likely solutions: Remember a good HVAC consultant will have an array of solutions in most cases of breakdowns or malfunctions. At your end make note of all the problems your machine is making. It could range from uneven cooling of rooms, steep utility bills, noisy units and many more. Tell him about these so that he is able to diagnose better. He should not impose any one solution upon you, to con out alum sum amount. He should also not force you into any rushed decisions. He will give you a couple of options and explain the benefits and flipsides of each.

Ask for operating cost of each unit: If you are planning to buy a HVAC system or replace the existing one then ask your contractor about the energy efficiency of each contemporary unit. A good contractor will necessarily not show you the pricey options. He will tell you about most of them. He will provide detailed and clear calculations for energy efficiency of each. He will also base his decision on the size and design of your house. He should also take look at the size of your windows and ducts. Do not necessarily go for low cost equipment and units.

Ask for certifications: These days HVAC contractors are also given a range of certifications that show their adeptness in the job. Ask the consultant if he has North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification.

Source a good contractor through referrals: It is always better and safe to get contacts of good HVAC contractors from friends, neighbors, and co-workers. You know that they will recommend good consultants from whom they received reliable and satisfactory service. You can also get in touch with local trade organizations for names of contractors in your area.

Check with past customers: Before hiring a contractor always ask him for the contacts of his past customers. Call these customers to gauge their level of satisfaction about the service provider. Ask if the project was completed on time and was the budget reasonable. Check with the customer complaint department to see if he has any grave grievance registered against him.

Do not hire the first contractor that you meet: Always contact a couple of HVAC contractors. Request for quotes. Compare them and select one, on the basis of best price and other parameters discussed already. Do not go for low ball offers. These are gimmicks to get hold of clients. Once they finish the job they will pile up the cost with extra charges.

Get it in ink: Before the contractor starts the work, always ask him to document the scope of the project which will include, model numbers, job schedule, total cost, and warranty information. Also ask him about the time he will need to finish the job and the charges of equipment and tools he will use.

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