Indoor Fan Won't Stop

The air conditioner won’t shut off. The fan of the inside unit will continue to work. You might have tried turning the unit on and off from the thermostat but the indoor fan will not stop until the circuit breaker is used.

This problem needs to be fixed as it will consume unnecessary energy by running the fan even when it is not required. Solving this problem is not expensive.

Sometimes the blower fan of your heat pump won’t shut off because of technical issues which will result in reduced energy efficiency and can cause wear and tear to your unit.

There are several reasons why this could happen

• You might have set the temperature too high so the fan will keep on moving even after the unit is turned off to maintain the room temperature.
Lower the temperature and check if the fan has stopped working.
• Clean your air filters if the filters are dirty the air will not reach the house because of the dirt and debris so the air conditioner will continue to operate because the air is not reaching the ducts.
• Check if the fan switch on the thermostat in off position and not in “on” or “auto” position.
• If the fan is still working there might be the wiring problem between the indoor unit and the thermostat call an electrician to fix this problem.

• Locate the temperature control switch and check whether it is working or not.
• The fan relay might have stuck because of which the will continue to move.
• Bad thermostat or thermostat cable shortened could be one of the reasons. HVAC professional should be called to handle these problems.
• Yearly maintenance off your unit is necessary to solve any of the problems and also helps to save the energy.

It is necessary to get your system checked and repair by the professional if there is any problem in the unit.





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