Outdoor Unit Makes Strange

One of the most commonly listed problems of air conditioner is loud noises coming out of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. Not all the noises coming from the air conditioner are harmful some can be harmful.

Reasons for loud noises

• Shifting the flow of refrigerant

Sometimes the noise can be heard during the cold winter days while shifting the flow of refrigerant from cooling to heating mode, this noise is common and isn’t harmful loud noise can be heard for few seconds.

• compressor

The loud noise is heard at the time of starting and shutting down the compressor. The peddling noise is heard at the time when unit is shut down and the “washing machine type” of noises while starting up.

• Reversing valves

The sound also comes from the reversing vales solenoid of the outdoor unit even when the air conditioner is not running. This noise is low voltage so energy is not wasted.

• Outdoor fan hitting objects

If you hear the metal hitting noise then there is a possibility that noise is coming because the outdoor fan is hitting the ice or wire or any other component.

• Rubber insulated pads not installed

The vibration noises can be heard it difficult to detect from where these noises are coming but the solution is installing rubber insulation pads.

• Fan motor not insulated

If the fan motor is not properly insulated than loud noises can be heard at that time air conditioner should be turned off to avoid the further damage.

• Broken components

You may also hear the noises of banging because some parts of the unit might have broken. Professionals should be called to look after the problem.

• Dislodged panels

Rattling sound can be heard if the panels become dislodged or not fixed properly. These sounds come because of loose or fallen screw.

• Broken motor

The broken motors can be the strong reason for the loud or strange noises coming from the system. If the motors are broken HVAC professionals should be called to repair the motor

• Low refrigerant

Sometimes the loud low pitch sound is heard from the air conditioner because of the low refrigerant or old compressor or improper oil level. If this problem is not solved timely it can cause a big harm to the system.

Best solutions for the noises

• If the outdoor condenser is old it will be best to change the condenser it will not only stop the loud noises but also increase the energy efficiency.
• Fencing all the unit sides of air conditioner can stop the noise coming from the air conditioner.
• Changing the air filters at regular intervals can keep the air conditioner moving safely without any problem.
• Yearly maintenance of the air conditioner or heat pump is necessary to avoid these problems and for smooth functioning of your air conditioner.



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