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Cleaning large spaces while only purchasing one purifier with the Blueair Pro XL.

Blueair Pro XL Finding an air purifier that has the ability to handle very large rooms has always been a problem. The Pro Series line is able to accommodate small and large spaces wile taking up the same small footprint for each machine. The Blueair Pro XL has the capability to clean the air in an 1180 square foot room five times per hour. This allows you to breathe clean, healthy air round the clock even when you are in a large venue. Breathing cleaner air will make you and everyone around you feel better and more energized. Powerful Filtration Blueair continues to revolutionize filtration with their Pro Particle filters. The unique shape of the filter allows for maximum surface area, all while taking up as little space as possible. Using the same HEPASilent technology as in their other filters, the Blueair Pro Series filters are able to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 micron. Particles such as bacterial, viruses, pollen, pet dander, and dust are quickly removed from the air and remain inside the filter until disposal. Blueair is able to achieve great filtration with a practically soundless experience due to density of the filters. Traditional HEPA filters capture partials using very dense filter media. This thick material is great for trapping particles, but the fan of the purifier needs to work harder to push air through the filter to achieve the same turnover rate. This can generate more noise and raise the amount of electricity being used. To be able to capture 99.97% of particles down to 0.1 micron with a less dense media, Blueair units electrostatically charge the particles in the air opposite that of the filter. This encourages harmful particle cling to the filter media instead of passing through. Top Air Quality Creating a healthy working environment cannot only increase your energy levels but it can also have a significantly positive effect on your well being. To ensure that you particle and gas levels stay low, the Blueair Pro XL comes equipped with a Air Intelligence Module. This module automatically tests the particle and gas levels in your home. A digital readout on the top of the unit displays the air quality for you to adjust accordingly. If you would like the unit to automatically keep the gas and particle levels low, set this unit to the auto setting. This will adjust the speed of the fans according to the reading. Professional Design With such a powerful standalone unit, you might expect the Blueair Pro XL to take up a large footprint. The footprint of the XL is no larger than the M though. This allows you to place the unit almost anywhere you would place any other purifier. The white exterior of the unit will look good with almost any decor. If you would like to, a wall mount can be purchased separately to free up floor space Additional Accessories The Blueair Pro XL can be outfitted with additional accessories that you can purchase separately. If you find that you need addition floor space, or that the Pro XL would be better suited to be hung on the wall, the Pro XL Wall Mount is the perfect solution. You may also purchase the SmokeStop Filter for to remove unhealthy levels of harmful gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air.

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Currently no manuals available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

Currently no specifications available for this product. Please check product description or call our sales support team if you have any further queries.

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