BROOKSTONE Pure-Ion BedroomTM Air Purifier and Humidifier



Helps create a healthier, more comfortable environment to help you sleep through the night. Helps remove common airborne pollutants from the air Removable stainless-steel filter washes easily in the dishwasher Clean filter indicators lets you know when it's time to clean the filter Use as an air purifier, humidifier, or both simultaneously Humidifier's 2.6-gallon capacity runs up to 6 days on low between refilling Maximum humidifier output is 2.2 gallons per day Built-in timer lets you clean the air for periods of 2 to 12 hours, or run continuously Compact design: 12'w x 15'd x 18'h Whisper-quiet operation CLEANER AIR--GUARANTEED! Airborne allergens and pollutants can keep us from getting a great night's sleep. Pure-Ion Bedroom uses two powerful yet whisper-quiet fans to active draw in air and help remove these common airborne pollutants--including pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust mites, airborne bacteria and airborne mold--as they pass through the filtration system for a cleaner room.* In lab testing, Pure-Ion Bedroom achieved high CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) numbers for pollen, dust and smoke: Smoke: 126 Dust: 125 Pollen: 123 NO FILTERS TO BUY--EVER! Unlike air purifiers that require costly replacement filters, Pure-Ion Bedroom has a reusable stainless-steel filter that is dishwasher safe. When the clean filter indicator lights up, just rinse the filter under running water or place it in the dishwasher. HUMIDIFIED AIR The built-in ultrasonic humidifier emits cool, soothing mist to help keep air comfortable during dry seasons, which means you sleep better through the night. With a 2.6-gallon capacity, it can run up to 6 days on low before refilling and can emit up to 2.2 gallons per day. FOR BETTER SLEEP Pure-Ion Bedroom's 2-in-1 functionality means there's no need for a separate air purifier and humidifier. It can run as an air purifier, as a humidifier or both. Plus, it's easy to use. Not only can it fit anywhere in your home thanks to its compact design, but
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Height (in.)14.70
Width (in.)22.80

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