Radiant Heating System

Radiant heating system is the best heating system a house can have. This system does not require vents or ducts. In radiant heating system heat is supplied directly to the floors or to the ceiling of the house. Heat temperature in this system is controlled by using thermostat.

This technology is been used to heat indoor as well as outdoor areas. In this system heat is supplied either through hot water or electricity. Hot water pipes or electric mats which supply electricity are placed in or beneath the floor. Radiant heat is safer than any other form of heating.

Radiant heating can heat the entire house with the radiant heat. Instead of heating the air radiant heating system directly heats the people or the other objects in the room. Once you have experienced the comfort of radiant heat you will always want it in your entire house.


Radiant heating systems heat is divided into following types:

1. Radiant floor heating

On the basis of source of heat used radiant floor heating can be sub divided into two types

a. Electric radiant floors

In this system heat is supplied through electric mats. In this system electrical cables are built inside the floor .Because of high electric cost these systems are not commonly used.

b. Hydroponic radiant floors

Hydroponic radiant floors use hot water to generate electricity. In this system warm water flows through flexible plastic tubes. These systems are more popular and cost efficient. Since these systems make use of water instead of electricity so they are also energy efficient.

2. Heating through panels

Wall or ceiling panels are commonly made of aluminum.
These systems can also be heated either thorough electricity or water. Radiant panels are not widely used.

Components of radiant heating

Components of heat radiant heating system are stainless steel manifold, source of heat which can be water, electricity or solar energy, controller normally thermostat is used to control this system and pipes in hydroponic system where as electrical mats in electric radiant system.

Working of radiant heating system

Warm water flows through plastic pipes called PEX. These pipes carry warm water into the rooms to warm the people and the different object present inside the room. In radiant heating system heat moves in a straight line Covers all the objects coming in its path. In radiant heating system heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves.


• Radiant heat is safer than any other form of heating.
• Instead of putting the hot air radiant heating warms all the objects and persons present inside the room.
• For Radiant heating air vents are not required.
• This system results in less spreading of airborne particles.
• Hydroponic systems use less amount of electricity hence they are energy efficient.
• Radiant heating systems require low temperature which helps to maintain humidity.
• Temperature inside the room remains relatively constant.




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