Reducing Utility Bills On Air Conditioner

An air conditioner consumes more electricity than any other electrical appliances. According to the U.S. energy department air conditioner covers more than 40% of the total utility bill per month. An average home spends around $375 on air conditioning.

There are several ways to reduce the utility bill on air conditioner:

• If you want cooling in more than two rooms it is preferable to use central air conditioners instead of ductless system.
• Use the programmable thermostat to set the temperature increase the temperature during night and to reduce it during day time.
• Dirt in the air filter makes the air conditioner work harder cleaning the air conditioner will increase the energy efficiency of air conditioner. Clean your air filter every month and change it in every three months.
• Plant the trees outside the house to prevent sun rays from entering your house directly which will keep the home cooler.

• Turn off the lights when they are not required as light generates heat energy which makes the air conditioner to work harder.
• Increase the temperature of your home when you are outside as it can help you in saving 10-15% of your total electricity bill.
• Keep the window covers closed during day to prevent the home from outside heat.
• Turn off the exhaust fans of your kitchen within 30 minutes after your work is done.
• Clean the duct work off your central air conditioner once in few years it increases the efficiency.
• To ensure that the air conditioner is working smoothly, call the contractors for yearly maintenance of your air conditioner.
• While purchasing a new air conditioner tell the dealer to show you energy efficient cooling devices.
• Check the “energy star” while purchasing a new air conditioner. Energy star central air conditioner consumes 15% less electricity and a ductless system consumes 10% less electricity.

All these small techniques will help you to reduce the utility bill on air conditioners.





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