Solar Air Conditioners Powered By Pv Cells Vs Solar Thermal System

Solar power systems can power all kinds of house hold appliances including air conditioners. HVACs are one of the systems that eat up maximum electric power. It will be useful if the A/c can be powered by solar panels. This can reduce you power consumption from the grid to a great extent.Technically, speaking air conditioners can both be powered by PV cells and solar thermal systems. But it is never advised to use PV cells to run air conditioners. Solar thermal system is much more efficient and cost effective as compared to a solar PV system. Solar air conditioning are of two types: individual units for smaller spaces, and large solar-ready systems for your whole house.

For solar PV systems you will need to install an invert-er system. On the top it, a limited number of inverters can take the load of an air conditioner. However, these days there are compressors that can operate on DC. As result you do not need to convert the DC current produced by the panels to AC. You can use the DC current directly.

The compressor of an A/c consumes maximum power. The job of a compressor is to compresses the refrigerant to raise its temperature and pressure. If you use a solar thermal system, then it can assist in heating the fluid and thus can reduce the load on the compressor. This will cut down your utility bills to a great extent. The only flip side of a solar thermal system is that it requires electricity for operation. That is why these systems are called hybrid systems as they depend both on electricity and solar energy. A hybrid system can work at times when the sun is not shining.






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