Some Tips To Keep The Heat Outside The House

The convenient way to keep heat and humidity at bay is to power on your air conditioner. Well, although it is the easiest and convenient way to make the house cool, there are some other ways as well to restrict the heat from finding an in route into your house. Read on to know them:

• Some of the windows of the house are too exposed to the sun. Sun’s light and rays radiates through them and makes these rooms incredibly hot during the day. Even if you have an air conditioner in the room it will have to work harder to o make it cool. This will eat up a good deal of your money. So to block the sun’s heat out, you can use solar screens, tinted windows and blackout curtains. At minimum, purchase blinds and keeps them closed.

• The main problem inmost houses is leakage of the air through the windows and doors. The cool air diffuses to the surrounding. Therefore always check your rooms for leaks.The attics, basements,and crawl spaces are the areas of the house that are most vulnerable to leakages.You can call a professional to do a comfort performance assessment to identify leaks in walls, ceilings, and ducts.

• Always use weather stripping and caulks in windows to stop the air from leaking. Check them from time to time. If they get torn replace them as early as possible.

• It is always better if you are able to keep your oven and stove at minimum operation. These add a lot of heat to the room air. You can depend a little more on no-cook meals and use your microwave more than your oven. Similarly run appliances like dishwasher and dryer at night. They also contribute to room heat. Operate them after the temperature outside cools off.

• Use awnings over windows and doors can help block the sun’s direct heat. You can plant plants and trees around the house. This will make the area around your house cool and shady.

• Get the roof painted in light color. Light colored roofs with heat reflective surfaces will keep too much heat soaking in from the top. It will save energy as well keep tea house cooler.

• Get a free air conditioner consultation. Always buy an efficient air conditioner of appropriate size and capacity. An efficient unit will cost more but will provide you best comfort and use less energy.

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