Types Of Odors And How To Fix Them

If you find the odor coming from your air conditioner the first thing you have to do is to find out from which part of the system odor is coming from and how it smells like. The problem can be as dangerous as gas leak and as minor as dirty air ducts. Odor could be coming from condenser coils, drain pans or filters. On time cleaning and the maintenance of your air conditioner can prevent the odor problems.

Types of odor

1. Burning odor

If something smells like burning in your air conditioner, than there might be electrical wiring issues inside your system. This odor is generally caused due to overheating of motor or insulation of wires is broken. If plastic or rubber objects get stuck inside the duct work they can cause burning odor. If the air filters are dirty the unit can overheat and create the burning odor.

To fix this problem clean the air filters if the smell didn’t stop coming than there might be some wiring issue call an electrician or HVAC professional to look after the problem.

2. Gas odor

If the gas smell is coming from the air conditioner it might be coming from the heating device of the air conditioner which most commonly runs on the natural gas if your suspect any gas leak turn off all the heating devices.

To fix this problem you have to open all the windows of your house and go outside the house. Call a professional to look after the problem.

Not every time there will be gas leak sometime gas like smell comes out of the supply vents which might be coming because of the dirty supply vents. It isn’t gas it just smells like gas.

3. Dead animal odor

If something smells like rotten animals in your ac system, the smell might be coming from the duct work. Animals enter the duct work of your air conditioner in search of shelter and might have died due to lack of air.

To solve this problem call the contractor to clean the duct work of your system.

4. Musty smell

There is a chance that air conditioner of your room is bigger than it should be. If the capacity of your room is 1200BTUs and your ACs power is 1500BTUs than room will become cool quickly. The bigger air conditioners do not dehumidify the air properly, which results in musty odor.

To fix this problem remove the air conditioner and buy the air conditioner of proper size to cool the room properly.

5. Mold odor

If the unit is not cleaned properly, inside parts of the portable air conditioner become moist and start smelling like mold. This smell arises because the accumulated dust combines with the moister and starts releasing foul smell.

To fix this problem open your air conditioners clean it properly with the help of cloth to remove the dirt, spray some water on it and wipe it off with cloth.




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