Types Of Refrigerants Used In Air Conditioners

Refrigerant is a substance used in removing heat from the substance. Process of removing heat would not be possible without refrigerant.

Different types of widely used refrigerants are

• Azeotropic mixture
• Zeotropic mixture

CFC refrigerant

CFC refrigerants are also termed as Chlorofluorocarbons refrigerants. CFC refrigerants were discovered 70 years ago. Chemicals used in these refrigerants are carbon, Florine and chlorine. CFC refrigerants are harmful for the human respiratory system and result in depletion of ozone.

The production of these refrigerants is completely band. Even though the production was stopped in 1955 these refrigerants are still used in air conditioners. Most commonly used cfc refrigerants are

• R11
• R12
• R113
• R114
• R115

R12 which is one of the green house gas has highest ozone depletion.

HCFC refrigerants

HCFC refrigerants are termed as Hydro chlorofluorocarbons refrigerants. HCFC refrigerants are made up of hydrogen, carbon, chlorine and florine. These refrigerants are not long lasting and cause less damage to the ozone layer compare to CFC refrigerants. two commonly used HCFC refrigerants are:

• R22
• R123

R22 can damage the ozone layer, but these refrigerant are widely used for industrial and commercial purposes.

HFC refrigerants

The term HFC stands for Hydro fluorocarbons. HFC refrigerants contain hydrogen, florine and carbon chemicals. These refrigerants are not harmful for the ozone layer but can cause global warming. Commonly used HFC refrigerants are

• R134a
• R404a
• R407c
• R410a

Azeotropic refrigerants

These refrigerants are formed when two or more refrigerants are mixed by boiling at a constant temperature commonly used azeotropic refrigerants are

• R502
• R503

Zeotropic refrigerants

These refrigerants are also the mixture of two or more refrigerants but they don't boil at a constant temperature. Commonly used zeotropic refrigerants are

• R404
• R407
• R410




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