What Are Low Ambient Air Conditioners?

Normal air conditioners cannot be operated below 55oF.low ambient air conditioner is an air conditioning system which performs at low temperature. Low ambient air conditioners can be operated even when the outside temperature is as low as 00C.

These systems are less expensive and can be quickly installed as they do not require any duct work. Low ambient air conditioners are cost efficient and are long term solutions to indoor climate control. Low ambient ACs are controlled with the help of wireless remote.


Low ambient air conditioner include different components like a compressor, a condenser fan, a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of the ambient air, a temperature sensor that measures the temperature of a condenser coil of the air conditioning system, and a low pressure switch.


• Micro processor present inside the system keeps an eye on the temperature and the time to ensure that the correct indoor climate is maintained all the times.
• Person can change the settings and temperature of the system from anywhere in the room with the help of wireless remote.
• These air conditioners provide 24 hour ON/OFF service.
• Low pressure switch measures the pressure of a refrigerant disposed within the air conditioning system.
• As it is a ductless system which results so can be easily installed.
• Washable filters can be removed with ease.





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